Wholesale of

Petroleum products

Our company is engaged in the wholesale of oil, gasoline, gas, diesel fuel.

Delivery and translation

Of petroleum products

We help with the delivery, transportation and export of oil products.

Briefly about us

KarPetroleum has 4+ years’ experience in providing companies with a wide array of specialty works. Listed below are just some of the services we offer to our clients.

Wholesale of petroleum products

The main requirements for petroleum fuels are that their physical, chemical and operational properties correspond to the consumption parameters - these are ICEs, boiler plants and others, climatic operating conditions, safe working conditions and minimal environmental pollution. These requirements are provided mainly due to the natural qualities of oil, that is, its chemical composition. Improving the performance of fuels in modern technologies is achieved through the use of various additives.

Delivery and translation of petroleum products

The main activity of the KarPetroleum company is the sale and delivery of light and dark petroleum products, as well as the delivery of petroleum products. Our company has its own specialized fleet and a logistics center. All fuel trucks are equipped with specialized equipment and have permits for the transportation of petroleum products.

About Us

KarPetroleum is the leading provider of petroleum productions to Russia process industries. We pay attention to the unique technical and safety challenges that this type of work involves.

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If you are looking for high-qaulity petroleum products, the specialists of our Sales Department will be glad to provide you with any product of your choice.

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Our Production

The range of products we manufacture and provide to our customers includes parts for industrial equipment, all kinds of necessary resources and supplies for engineering, manufacturing and other industrial spheres.